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Butte county is wonderful place to live, raise a family and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. Living in this county for over 10 years has shown me a lot about what a community really is. While Butte County has amazing natural beauty it is prone to fires every year due to many factors, that being said this county has been ravaged by many fires and loss of life directly caused by fire. Sadly we had a huge loss of life and property in the Paradise fire in 2018 that decimated the town and devastated this community as a whole. Sadly in September of 2020 the North Complex fire swept through and completely destroyed my community of Berry Creek, Ca. With that, sadly some of my neighbors lost there lives and all of us have been affected in some way or another. I myself lost my home, vehicles etc. So while many of my neighbors decided to leave for different reasons, i decided to stay and be part of the rebuilding process.
In spite of all that residents of Butte County are rebuilding and moving forward to bigger and brighter future, that’s “BUTTE COUNTY STRONG”

Please support local businesses and we ask for your patience as our community rebuilds.

Proud member of the:

National Water Haulers Association (N.W.H.A)

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